Power supplies

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Power supplies


The benchmark in reliability, efficiency and integration

Efficient operation of a machine or plant requires a reliable, constant power supply.

The quality and reliability of the SITOP stabilized power supplies ensure high levels of safety in DC power supply in industrial engineering and building management systems.

Our perfectly coordinated selection of SITOP power supplies is enhanced by a unique range of add-on modules that extensively protect the 24 V power supplies against interference on the primary and secondary side, right up to complete all-round protection.

TOP reliability

You should only have to think once about a good power supply when you are purchasing it – and then never again.

SITOP has proved its reliability more than 10 million times over in almost every supply system in the world. With their wide-range input, excellent load behavior and extensive certification, SITOP power supplies alone ensure the reliability of the power supply.

Depending on requirements, SITOP power supplies can be individually adapted with expansion modules and uninterruptible power supplies (DC UPS). This ensures reliability of the 24 V supply for machines or plants, even in the event of an overload in the output circuit or power failure on the input side.

TOP efficiency

Production costs are determined more and more by energy costs. Savings in this area generate valuable competitive advantages. SITOP power supplies make an important contribution here. Due to the high degree of efficiency, the primary switched-mode power supplies operate extremely efficiently. The power loss across the entire performance range is low – even during no-load operation. Because power supplies are rarely operated at full load, there is outstanding potential for savings here.

SITOP also supports the entire process chain of the customer efficiently. It offers easy product selection using the SITOP Selection Tool, for example, and extensive additional information such as 3D data, circuit diagram macros, certification and individually-configurable product documentation. Every SITOP solution can therefore be planned and ordered, designed, configured and operated in an efficient manner.

TOP integration

The better power supplies are integrated in their industrial environment, the higher their productivity. SITOP is optimally tuned to automation systems such as SIMATIC, SINUMERIK and SIMOTION.

All SIMATIC power supplies and the new SITOP UPS1600 uninterruptible power supply are integrated into the TIA Portal. Engineering for the DC UPS, such as for integration in the PROFINET network, is extremely user-friendly in the TIA Portal; it also supports comprehensive diagnostics. SIMATIC S7 function blocks support easy integration in STEP 7 user programs, and ready-to-use WinCC faceplates are available for operator control and monitoring. The UPS1600 can also be connected to PC-based systems via the two Ethernet ports.

The product range at a glance

SITOP lite

The low-cost basic power supply

SITOP compact

The slim power supply unit for control boxes


The flat power supply unit for distribution boards

SITOP smart

The high-performance standard power supply

SITOP power supplies in SIMATIC design

The optimum supply for SIMATIC S7 and more

SITOP modular

The technology power supply for demanding solutions

SITOP in special designs, made for special tasks

Well prepared for special tasks and conditions

Expansion modules

  • Redundancy module
    Protection against power pack failure by means of redundant configuration of the power supply unit
  • Selectivity module
    Protection against overload and short circuit by means of electronic protection of 24 V feeds
  • Buffer module
    Protection against power failure for up to several seconds


  • SITOP UPS500 with capacitors
    Protection against power failure on the input side through buffering for up to several minutes
  • SITOP UPS1600 with battery modules
    Protection against power failure on the input side through buffering for up to several hours.
    DC UPS with Ethernet/PROFINET – open and system-integrated in TIA

catalog download : Catalog Power Supply SITOP

Manuals / Operating instructions

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